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Our Services


Eco Wirtschaftstreuhand Anstalt was founded in the year 2006.

As a fully-licensed trust company we render the following services for our largely Liechtenstein-based clients:

  • Founding operating companies, obtaining trade licences
  • Accountancy, drawing up balance sheets
  • Payroll accounting
  • Auditing activities
  • Tax consultancy
  • Legal consultancy and financial consultancy 

Within this context we offer our clients long-term, customised and efficient solutions to all issues relating to the foundation and management of companies.

In this conjunction we also place a particular emphasis on the impeccable quality of our work as well as on open communications and complete transparency vis-à-vis our clients.

Our expert team, currently comprising 4 specialists, operates in a practical and flexible manner, in accordance with the particular needs of our clients.

If desired, we are also able to perform all tasks directly at the premises of our clients’ respective companies.